Dzukou Valley: No longer a hidden gem of the Northeast, Dzukou Valley is one of the most visited trekking spots in the present times. Until recently, this place was largely unexplored but now, it finds itself at the top of the list of almost every adventure seeker. Dzukou is conveniently located in the border areas of Manipur and Nagaland and takes just about 30 minutes from Kohima. The trek starts from two villages, Viswema and Zakhama. You may start your trek from either of the two spots.

Dzukou Valley
Image by Chiranjeeb Dash

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult.

How to Reach: The nearest railway station is at Dimapur. Public buses and cabs ply regularly to Kohima from Dimapur. From Kohima, you may hire a taxi which will drop you at either Viswema or Zakhama.

Important information: Make sure to carry raincoats and enough warm clothes.

Best time to visit: June-August


2. Reiek Tlang: A popular trekking destination, Reiek Tlang is just over 10 kilometres from Aizawl in Mizoram and is currently one of the most loved tourist spots in the Northeast India. You won’t be wrong to expect your trek to be full of eye-catching and breath-taking views. There is a heritage village in Reiek where you can catch a glimpse of the Mizo culture and lifestyle. The tourism departments have so far done a great job in maintaining the place and keeping it clean. The annual Anthurium Festival is a bonus for the adventure seekers.

Reiek Tlang
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Difficulty level: Easy to moderate.

How to Reach: Aizawl is just about 20-25 minutes from Reiek Tlang. The most convenient option would be to hire a local cab to the starting spot. You may reach Aizawl through flight or bus/car and start your journey from there.

Important information: Make sure to carry enough warm clothes and mosquito repellents.

Best time to visit: Any time of the year.


3. David Scott’s Trail: This historically significant trek is definitely a must-visit if you want to get a little closer to the Khasi history. The 16 km trek is sure to drain your energy out but it would fill you with immense enthusiasm at the same time. This route in Meghalaya was discovered by a British officer named David Scott and hence it was named after him. The 4 hours trek would bless you with breathtaking views that would leave you awestruck for sure.

David Scott Trail
Image by Navraj Singh

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

How to Reach: The nearest railway station is Guwahati and the nearest airport is in Shillong. Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is just a 2 hours’ drive away. You can hire cabs from Shillong.

Important information: Avoid the rainy season and make sure you carry raincoats.

Best time to visit: October-January.


4. Nohkalikai cliff: Meghalaya, the land of waterfalls has its most beautiful waterfall hidden amidst the hills near Cherrapunji. This waterfall is interestingly one of the tallest waterfalls in India, freefalling from a height of over 1000 ft. The lush greenery and the famous folk tale behind its name attract tourists for hiking to the cliff or the edge. The winters make it possible for the adventure seekers to embark upon this trek through streams and rivers. Local guides charge a minimal Rs. 60 to take you up there till the cliff.

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Difficulty level: Moderate

How to reach: Nohkalikai Falls is just a 2 hours’ drive from Shillong. The nearest railway station is in Guwahati and the nearest airport is in Shillong.

Important information: Carry warm clothes and avoid the rainy days.

Best time to visit: October - January .


5. Shirui Hills: Located at around 100 kilometres from Imphal, this place in Manipur is where you should be heading to this year. The trek to the peak of the Shirui Hills is one of the most peaceful treks you’ll ever embark on. The best thing about trekking in Shirui Hills is the Shirui Lily, known locally as KashongTimrawon. Every year, hundreds of botanists, tourists, adventure seekers and even scientists visit the Shirui Hills to see the KashongTimrawon. This trek is sure to bring you closer to nature and its marvels.

Shirui Hills
Image By Pulo Achumi


Difficulty level: Moderate.

How to reach: The nearest railway station is located in Dimapur, Nagaland while the nearest airport is in Imphal.

Important information: Carry adequate warm clothes, trekking essentials and mosquito repellents.

Best time to visit: September to January


6. Talley Valley Trek: The charming land that Arunachal is, it’s almost natural to fall for the splendid natural beauty of the place. So how do you best experience the beauty of Arunachal? You go on trekking expeditions through lush green valleys and mountains. The Talley Valley is one such trek where you can have a close interaction with nature. This beautiful trail in Ziro will take you through the Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary to the top of the valley. A small forest of Rhododendrons will welcome you at the top which is sure to leave you awestruck. Not a tough trek to complete, but it will demand you to be gentle towards nature and its gifts.

Talley Valley
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Talley Valley
Image By nature_through_my_lens

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate.

How to Reach: The nearest railway station is at Naharlagun which is about 3 hours’ drive from Ziro.

Important information: Carry enough winter clothes, camping and trekking essentials, and mosquito repellents.

Best time to visit: September to January.


7. Double-decker Living Root Bridge and Rainbow fall: Two most fascinating highlights of any Meghalaya trip are its unique living root bridges and the mesmerizing waterfalls. So how about a place that boasts both a living root bridge and a waterfall? Located near Cherrapunji, a small village named Tyrna is where this magnificent trek starts. The trek from Tyrna to Nongriat Double Decker Living Root Bridge is one the most mind-blowing treks you’ll ever embark upon. What lies on the other side of this tiring trek is a splendid living root bridge and a further one and a half hour trek will take you the spell-binding Rainbow Falls. The whole trek is arduous but is worth every minute spent.

Double decker living root bridge
Image by Md.Rashid Raza Khan
Rainbow Falls
Image by नीर 🇮🇳


Difficulty level: Moderate

How to reach: The nearest railway station is in Guwahati and the nearest airport is in Shillong. Shillong is just about 2 hours’ drive from Tyrna and Cherrapunji.

Important information: Carry drinking water with you. There are enough accommodation options in Cherrapunjee, Tyrna and Nongriat. You can also put up your own camp.

Best time to visit: Any time but avoid when there is too much rain.